Questions, statements and ideas about landlords that bully

Have you driven around in our city and seen signs in windows , “RENT STRIKE”? These signs usually are on buildings where the tenants have no services, no heat and probably they are living under horrible conditions. Sometimes their ceilings are falling down, other times there are leaks, and other times they have no heat and no hot water. So, they decide to go on rent strikes. They hold their money back –until the bully landlord decides to give heat and hot water or till they decide to do repairs.

We have always wondered why these poor unfortunate tenants help their landlords by advertising that they are having a rent strike. By posting that in your windows, basically you are proving that you are not paying rent. Why do that?

Instead consider this–what if someone posted a sign that said, “NO HEAT; NO HOT WATER” ? What would people think then? Now when people pass your slum building or regular building, now you have proven that your landlord does not provide services, heat or hot water. What if you posted signs on your windows that said, ‘REPAIRS NEEDED”, or signs like “SUBSTANDARD LIVING CONDITIONS”?

Aren’t those better communications of what is really happening in that building?

If you are posting signs, check with your lawyer and see if those signs are better than simply posting a sign that says, “RENT STRIKE”. Ask your lawyer which sign is better.

Perhaps it is against your lease to post such a sign? Then ask your lawyer, then since your landlord has breached your contract, your lease, is it okay to post such a sign anyway, since your landlord has breached the contract.

We are not lawyers so we ask you do only what is legal and do only what your lawyer tells you that you can legally do.

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Who are these landlords that bully?

Have you met any of them?  Do you have to deal with landlords that bully?  Have they tried to intimidate you into doing what they want you to do, even if what they want you to do is illegal, immoral and simply not nice?

For example:

  1. Does your landlord want you to live in a place with no heat, or hot water or to live in a place with substandard living conditions and does he or she want you to pay full rent while you have no heat and no hot water?
  2. If you ask for heat and or hot water, does your landlord yell at you?  Does he or she scream or curse you just because you are asking what your rent pays for?
  3. If you ask for necessary repairs, does your landlord curse you? Does he or she yell at you and try to intimidate you to do without repairs?
  4. Is your landlord one of those landlords that bully?

Hmm, you probably know what we are talking about.  Landlords that bully are those landlords having either regular or slum buildings and those landlords that refuse to take care of their buildings or apartments but still insist on taking full rent.  And though they insist on not giving repairs and on not having upkeep of the building,they insist on intimidating you to do without those repairs and still pay full rent. (Yes, that is a landlord bully -that is a landlord who bullies tenants).

What’s your experience with landlord bullies?

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Hello world!

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